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Beverly Rudolph, Principal
Ms. Rudolph with a former student, now a UNCA graduate (her alma mater).
Ms. Rudolph with a former student, now a UNCA graduate (her alma mater).

Dear Culbreth Community,

This is my sixth year as principal at this wonderful school. With each year I come to appreciate more and more the unique place and community we all share--a super supportive community, a staff that will go the second mile for their students and each other, and most of all, students who excel in all areas.

Our Vision Statement this year, added onto the statement from the last two years, is “Increasing the effectiveness of our data-driven instruction so that all our students continue to grow.” Our our staff continues to write intensive lesson plans that include differentiation, we as a district and school we also be focusing more on real-time data from our students’ work and how this information can inform our instruction.

With the introduction of the WIN enrichment period this year on Tuesday and Wednesdays, students will get to choose an elective course of their interest, from Animal Rights to Ballet to Coding! Each course will feature a community service component, helping our students to become citizens who give back to their community.

We hope this website provides you with all the information you need. If not, please contact Ms. Kay Edwards, our receptionist, at extension 51110, and she can direct you to the best person to answer your questions.

We’re growing every day here at CMS!


Beverly Rudolph
Rob Frescoln, Assistant Principal
I am a graduate of both the University of Virginia and the University of North Carolina. I have been in education since 1992, and have been with CHCCS since 1997. I taught science at both the middle and high school levels, served as a Consulting Teacher for CHCCS, and briefly worked as an assistant principal for Durham Public Schools.